Thursday, April 5, 2012

X's IEP: My Work Is Done

Today I knew the IEP meeting was at 11 am. I was dressed in my professional best (shoes, even). I introduced myself, including my credentials. I had my graphs, a list of the information the school was suppose to bring to the meeting, and the relevant law dog eared in my WrightsLaw book.

X has appropriate reading goals, research-based reading interventions, and Extended School Year written into his IEP. They will be evaluating X's word retrieval speed and doing an FBA.

Last night, my son smacked X and gave GB the middle finger. I read the riot act to my son. I told him he would only have supervised  visitation with GB. I also told him if CPS took X away, I would be going to court to take X back to New York. I know I don't need one more kid, but J has had a vasectomy and there will be no more children from him.

I get to leave tomorrow and drive the 17 hours back to New York.


Sarah said...

Good work! I will be thinking about you tomorrow as we are driving in the opposite direction, praying the drive home is smoother than the drive there. <3

Lisa said...

I'm sure this was heart breaking for you. You are doing so much for your son and his family - much more than I would be willing to for a few of mine at this point. When are they gonna realize how much better off they are because of us?