Thursday, February 23, 2012

This and That

* Hope saw the pediatric cardiologist yesterday, who said her arrhythmia was benign.

* I started her on 2.5 mg of Abilify last night.

* Hope is in her own room. The alarm is suppose to come today.

* Last night, Hope sneaked out of her room and got into nail polish. The Dad was furious. MK shrugged and asked him what he expected.

* GB has completed 6 hours of recreational reading to earn an amusement park ticket from school.
* GB received another award from school. Last time it was for effort and this time it was for improvement. Her good year continues!
* Hope's world has gradually expanded in the last 18 months. After Orlando, I plan on making it very small again, until she can handle it.
* The first of three packages arrived for our waterbed mattress replacement. The other two are suppose to arrive today.

*** Orlando can not come soon enough ***    


TwisterB said...

I loved reading as a kid but even though I would do it anyways I loved getting prizes for reading. It made me feel like I was awesome. An amusement park prize is a REALLY good prize!

Ranger said...

Hurray for GB! Good news you're cleared to start meds again, really hope you and Hope see things getting a bit easier soon.

Sophie said...

Hope the meds help. Jackson takes abilify (along with two other things) and it makes a world of difference for him, with no side effects that we have noticed.

Yeah GB!!

dannette said...

You can get really cheap door alarms at radio shack if your one that you ordered should happen to take much longer! Also, at our house we use a baby monitor to hear if our kiddo needs to use bathroom etc... as that child knows it will be a big deal as in big trouble if the alarm goes off, that way we never let our guard down about hearing the alarm sound. It honestly does not go off except for nights like last night when said child slept walked for first time. Good luck with the alarm.

Miz Kizzle said...

That's good news about the arrhythmia. You must be relieved.