Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Therapy Tuesday

Hope had two therapy appointments yesterday. Double the fun. The Dad and went to the school in the morning and spent 90 minutes with her therapist. After sharing updates (no surprises), the therapist called Hope down. Hope spent about 30 minutes wavering between the behavior of an 18 month old and that of a three year old. She  crawled on the floor, used a baby voice, with immature language, had no attention span,  and less frustration tolerance.We are seeing this A LOT. It was a relief when it was time for her to go to lunch. The therapist had no ideas, no suggestions.

Last night was regular Therapy Tuesday. Hope raged the entire time GB was in with the therapist. When it was her turn, she refused to go in. Eventually, the Dad gave her no choice. Orlando and my Trauma Mamas are 3 weeks and 2 days away. I can't wait.

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Jackie said...

Hang on mom. Not too late to change your Orlando ticket to one way. I can just see all the raging trauma mamas at the airport when it's time to leave that wonderful, in the flesh support.
Prayers continue.