Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Rainy Snow Day

We had our first snow day of the year today. It was more rain than snow so we needed inside activities. We broke out the craft kits and everybody was involved in their own way. MK and Mali were process oriented in making their dinosaur. GB was result based, wanting flowers for her "new" just her room. Hope spent a lot of time picking out her starting color (blue) and not much time painting. I was the designated photographer.

Hope has not raged today. There are still problems with sneakiness and manipulation, but it is noticeably better then it has been. Both girls are enjoying having their own room. I hope the door alarm shows up today!



Mamita J said...

No rage today!!! Let's have a party! :-D

Celebrating with you,

Seven From Heaven said...

Glad to hear You had a good day. Hopefully things will start to go better.

In the Pink said...

Times like these need to be documented to help counteract the rages. So pleased all had a good time.