Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Public

Hope's "hyper-sexuality" moved into the public arena last night. Fortunately, she had already been moved to the adult table for her terrible, awful, no-good week. Therefore, only people who are legally adults were exposed to her. (Pun intended.) If you can't laugh, you won't survive.


Struggling to Stand said...

How is Hope's overall ability to feel touch, pressure, pain? The sensory work we've been doing w/ Mr P has nearly eliminated what used to be nearly constant hands-down-pants. It isn't just reduced stress -- he's gone through a phase when he went from don't-notice-anything to over-reacting to temperature changes, etc. ... What I am saying is the behavior can have many causes.

Barb G said...

(((hugs))) Laughter is sometimes the only survival tool we can yank out of the box. Other times, we wonder where our sense of humor fled to.

You are an amazing Mom. Just wanted to say that.

waldenbunch said...

Ugh. My kids have not been blatant but there can be an underlying se*ual tension that just feels "icky." Ugh again. Hang in there. The week has to end sometime!

Ian & Ruby said...

I can't help wondering if Hope is not suffering from bipolar? I know you said it has been ruled out, but the extreme behaviours, the hyper-sexuality, all ring alarm bells. Do hope that Hope is able to be helped to live a more normal life, and that there is an easing of these constant pressures.

Kristine said...


I love you.

Wish I could offer you some words of wisdom of help of any kind. But I've got nothing for that one.