Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hope's Program Review and Annual Review

God IS good!  I have not been to a more productive CSE meeting in a very long time. We agreed on behavioral standards and enforcing consequences in the same manner.  My testing and Ms. VY Teacher's testing came up with essentially the same results. Ms VY Teacher agreed with what we wanted at every step. Hope will be going to summer school with district transportation, and the same social worker and teacher.

In September, Hope will again be in Kindergarten, in an 1:8:2 class, with only K and 1st grade children in it. Mrs. VY Teacher will be her teacher again. I think this is good, as we will not have to waste time with a honeymoon period again. We had the daily communication log written into the IEP, as well as quarterly Program Reviews.

Hope can now count up to five objects in a group independently. She still can't tell you there are two cookies on her plate unless she counts them, and if there are more then five objects in a group, she loses her one-to-on correspondence. She recognizes 20 upper case letters, 16 lower case letters, and knows the sound 5 letters make. Hope needs to copy or trace letters; she can't write them from memory, not even her name. She can not recognize the first sound in a word, unless the word is Hope. She does not hear rhyming sounds. But there is lots of time between now and September.

We really weren't interested in her academics this year, and maybe she will be ready in September to start the Kindergarten Curriculum.

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Lisa said...

Yay for all of you being on the same page! That's like a miracle!