Friday, February 25, 2011


The Dad is home and guess who is getting ALL the payback for him being gone? That's right, I am. Me. The Mom. And Hope sure has a lot of payback stored up. She was back to throwing chairs this morning. Not to be left out, GB is fixated on her upcoming birthday. A steamroller with curly hair and 9 candles. The Dad is back in super stress mode and if I hear on more muttered under the breathe  criticism of how I handled the, girls or what shape the house is in,  or one more snide remark about setting off the chair thrower, I may be single again. Can single women go to Orlando?

To top it, off today  is yet another SNOW DAY!


Anonymous said...

Single women move to Orlando!

marythemom said...

HUGS!!!! I'm glad you're getting a break in Orlando, even though you'll be getting all the payback again when you get back.

Mary in TX

Kelly said...

I hope today is better. I can sooooo relate to what you are saying. Sending (((hugs))) your way.

Anonymous said...

Now wait, MTM, doesen't she get payback when she is *in* Orlando? Just who is going to be keeping the house spotless and the girls in total control while she is gone? Of course, the snow will be all gone by then and the school will have decided they have to have the kids there over the weekend to start making up for all the snow days.
GB's mom: I'm sorry I wasn't here. I seem to keep doing that -- being unavailable when you are needing more-than-usual support.
I am so glad you are getting away.

Integrity Singer said...

yes. and i have a present for you so you HAVE to be there