Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ice Day Cometh

Just like expected, I woke up to the musical sound of ice hitting our roof and windows. They announced  schools were closed before 5 am. I did get my dishwasher yesterday- my appliance guy, Rich, is local and had 4 wheel drive. Not as lucky with the plumber guy; He is not local so everyone is still using the master bath, my sinks are still leaking, and the garbage disposal being on the fritz is slowing down our evening routine- everybody getting in everybody's way.

Today, I will would like to finish up testing Hope. I need to line up my ducks, and I never write anything useful on snow/ice days.

We have taken advantage of all our inside time together to pull everything of the girls shelves and bins. So far, we have filled two large trash bags with junk and garbage. Mind you we already did this before AND after Christmas. GB has always been a hoarder- everything is a treasure, especially little bits of paper. Hope is a little trickier. I don't know if she is hoarding because with her first adoptive family she had nothing to hoard or because she still thinks and does everything GB does. Both are true. They need lots of practice on placing relative value on their possessions.

Therapy for the girls was canceled last evening because of weather. So the Therapist was moved to next weeks list.

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