Friday, February 4, 2011


GB is on her third night of no Zyprexa, just Geodon. GB's Dad sees no differences, but can't stand her  inability  to sit still, the constant pressured speech, or her manic laughing- all of which have gotten worse over the past two days. If there weren't so many commitments here, I would take GB to either Myrtle Beach or my sister's in Raleigh and keep her there until our  appointment with the new shrink on March 1st. Since that is not feasible, I will have to keep her close to me.

Tonight she was in tears as she asked me why Daddy and MK like Hope better. I hope there is at least some relief as the Geodon builds up in her system.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl. :(
Geodon never worked well for me but that could be just what GB needs. I am no doctor so I don't know. I wish she could take abilify but I think she is too young. I wish you all the best in this transitional time.

Lisa said...

Oh my! Can you call for an emergency appt? Our p-doc will work with us by email if there is a problem since she knows it's a hefty drive.

Hoping things have improved!

Kristin said...

Poor GB. And of course, Hope will pick up on that, in the way that all RADishes do.

*extra hugs for GB* I hope her meds stabilize soon.

K- floortime lite mama said...

just found your blog through Hopeful Parents
your daughters are so beautiful and how lovely for them to have you as their mum said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Just cruising around yours a little bit here and it is lovely! What gorgeous girls you have. How courageous you are to do it all over again a second time. We mamas stand to learn a lot from you! (Love your header pic).

Integrity Singer said...

yeah, beginning to wonder if geodon is a good choice. but it's so hard to say because Sissy burns through meds so hard and fast ... she's already on adult doses for morning and night. the only thing we can increase is her lamictal. after that, it's lithium