Friday, January 7, 2011

Our First Snow Day

School is closed for the first time this school year. Hope is standing at our french door, watching the snow in amazement. The flakes are very fine and lacy. Everything outside is already covered. She asked me how long it would snow. When I answered probably all day her mouth opened and a soft ohhh came out.

GB has her blanket and is enjoying a tea party with her stuffies, while she watches tv shows she is never home to watch. Ellie, GB's Georgia dog can't stand the cold or the snow. She doesn't even want to go out to do her business. I have to go with her. I think Ellie knows me well enough to know I don't want to be outside today any more than she does.

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Hope is still watching the snow come down.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

That is just a sweet and cozy scene to imagine, except for you and the dog having to brave the cold of course : )

r. said...

I'm a Texas girl too and I remember my first winter in Oberlin, Ohio. I was a college student and it was hard to pay attention to classes during those first few snow storms. It was so light and magical that I couldn't understand how it could be called a "storm"--nothing like driving rain at all.