Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old/New Tricks

Hope is showing new behaviors- new in the sense she has not exhibited them in the past. She has developed a moderately severe case of sticky fingers. She has been touching everything she sees since we got her. Now she is pocketing everything that catches her interest, regardless of who it may belong to. I am careful to check her book bag before see leaves in the morning and again when she gets home. I didn't check it yesterday afternoon, because Tuesday is therapy day and we leave as soon as the girls are off the bus. I did check it this morning and found a pint size Tupperware of red jello, with its' lid off all over the inside of the book bag and everything in it. Hope insisted she knew nothing about it. I salvaged her folder and her communication book (the book Mrs. Very Young Teacher hasn't written in since December 7th), threw out the Hannah Montana book bag and gave Hope a princess book bag to use instead. She was `not happy because HM is much cooler than princesses. I wrote in the communication book that I would appreciate knowing how Hope got a hold of jello, but I really don't expect an answer.

I have had many kids over the year with sticky fingers, but Hope is the first to take Jello.

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Struggling to Stand said...

Wouldn't that make her have wobbly fingers instead of sticky ones?

My kids all hate jello. I don't understand them.