Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Legally Avoiding the Interstate Compact

I spoke to Hope's family's new lawyer. He is in San Antonio and only does adoptions. He said that Texas statues allow the judge to waive the waiting period in adoptions, if they chose to, and that by using a lawyer in Texas and adopting Hope in the same proceeding as the current parents terminate, we could ICPC altogether. I need to verify this (I do not trust lawyers in general), but if it is true, Hope will be home this month. I need MK's baby to be born and GB to be finalized first, but they should both happen before the 21st. It suddenly is happening so fast. I haven't even thought about whether I should have the girls share GB's room or start Hope off in the little room and take it much slower (the disadvantage being the little room is right next to MK's room). I am so grateful to Mom in the Trench and Corey, who have shared their experiences and knowledge,  Struggling to Stand for making sure I thought this thoroughly through and for everybody's support.  I leave MB for home Friday and there will be a lot to do when I get there!


Anonymous said...

That is a full plate. I really can't express enough how brave and courageous you are to take in another child with demanding needs. I can only pray for things to go smoothly for you. But sometimes all it takes is prayer! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hope should be in your room at first? And soon enough GB will be in school, right, so you'll have good daytime hours for Hope.

But yes, lots to do quickly.