Monday, August 23, 2010

It Is Official !

The judge signed the order today, officially waiving the waiting period for Hope's adoption. We fly to Texas tomorrow night, pick up Hope Wednesday afternoon, and finalize her Thursday at 7:45 am. We will fly back to New York early Friday AM. I have never seen an adoption happen so quickly. I hope to have a chance to meet some fellow bloggers while in Texas. My oldest daughter is NOT happy about Hope coming. She feels Hope is a threat to her and her baby. I am not sure what to say to her. Anything I say runs the risk of setting her off. Her and Malachi will have an easier time functioning when the whole house is completely geared to small children.


jwg said...

Wow! That was fast. Do we have any idea how Hope feels about all this?

Kelly said...

I didn't know an adoption could occur this quickly. What a whirlwind!! Wow. Your head must be spinning. Congratulations!!!!

LT said...

good luck. trust your will know what to do.

RE: possible perspective on how Hope feels --
..her first adoptive parents of 4 years are "dumping her" -- she feels like it is all her fault

she feels sad, angry, confused, like a leper, hated, bad, disgusting, unwanted, unloved ...etc...and she will have NO IDEA how to put it into words....and her self-blame will be immense.

..and it has nothing to do with her "new parents" -- although she will direct every ounce of hate onto them.

she is being abandoned...and the pain of this is beyond your belief.

thank goodness Hope is going to someone (GB's Mom) who cares and won't dump this little kid ..her life will be for the better, now.

Anonymous said...

Such a mixed blessing. Fast is good for Hope, assuming (as I think you have implied) that her current home is Not Good. But it doesn't get MK past her 4th trimester, and that is hard on anyone, much less someone bipolar. And, of course, on you and everyone else in the house who are still trying to wrap their heads around this.

I can't imagine anything to say to MK that can't be taken the wrong way. Except maybe "You are still my daughter and I still love you and I will always love you." Idea: (not that you have time for it) since MK isn't admitting her feelings of needing you (and denying those feelings is part of what is driving her worry), tell or read stories "to Malachai" (with her there) like the Runaway Bunny.