Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre Christmas Triggers for Me

We got a huge box in the mail yesterday. During this time of year, it is a common occurrence.  I thought nothing of it and put it aside until I had time to deal with it. MK thought it was pajamas, which we were expecting-  17 pairs to be exact. It wasn't. It was five individually wrapped presents for Hope, one from each member of her old family. Naturally, the girls immediately noticed the sparkly gift wrap. I put the gifts aside and tried to distract them, but GB is reading well enough that she was still figuring out the labels after the gifts were no longer in view. She figured it out. She shared it with Hope.

D stopped by for 15 minutes between 4pm and 5 pm and complained that he was tired of being treated like a slave. I don't know whether to put an eviction notice on his door or an emancipation proclamation. Either way, it will be dated January 1,  2011.

MK has a list of Christmas traditions she remembers from when she was small. There is no way that my present configuration of kids can handle that amount of stimulation. I offered to go through the list so we could pick out which traditions are doable. So far the only response I've gotten from her is "Stop acting old."

And that is only 4 of the 16 people I will be sharing the week before Christmas with. Ho Ho Ho.

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Struggling to Stand said...

16 People!! Who invited them??!? Since when can anyone think Hope can handle that? Or GB for that matter? Any chance you can go to a hotel with the girls so you can have a chance at the 3 of you staying sane? My.Lord. Just the thought of how you won't be able to control what the girls eat ... (And I suspect Malachai will have a bit of difficulty with all the fuss and change of routines too!)
Sigh. But really, think about having a place to retreat to.
And as for Hope's presents? If it were me, I'd unwrap them myself to see what was inside. Does Hope know how many there were? (Can she count that high?) Perhaps you can give her only those from her sibs?
Oh, and did you remember to ask for a suit of armor for Christmas? You know, something Hope can't kick or bite through ...